Our programmes for 2017-2018

The launch of the paddle steamer Banshee, Illustrated London News

The launch of the paddle steamer Banshee. Illustrated London News

Please find our latest programme for the Spring term below.

You can also see two of our previous programmes below.  If you would like to join us for all of our two hour sessions in Meeting Room 5 at Canada Water Library between 11.00am to 1.00pm
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Spring Term 2018

15th January
Peter Luck – Thames Iron Works
Ian McBrayne – Trinity Buoy Wharf
Ann Evans – Nelson’s funeral

22nd January
Peter Luck – Loss: Robin Hood Gardens
Peter Luck – In danger: EG No1 gas holder

29th January
Ian McBrayne – Selling fish
Sheila Dobner – Barking fishing fleet

05th January
Guest speaker: Richard Albanese (Maritime Heritage Project Manager at Trinty Buoy Wharf) – Maritime Heritage at Trinity Buoy Wharf

12th January
Tony Keen London Docks & D-Day
Fran BulwerAda Salter

19th January
Sue Flockton – The port in Tudor Times
Sarah Downs – Enderby Wharf

26th February
Guest speaker:  Stephanie Ostrich (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network [CITiZAN] Project Officer) – The work of CITiZAN on the lower Thames.

5th March
Sinead Oneill – Queen’s Walk, South Bank: War Memorial
Anne Tickell – The Fleet River

12th March
Jill Napier – Tate & Lyle
Barry Blackburn – Thames Haven part 2

19th March
Arts and Letters.

Autumn Term

9th October 
Ian McBrayne – Introduction to the history of the Port of London (Part 1)
Ann – Clement Attlee and Limehouse

16th October
Ian McBrayne – Introduction to the history of the Port of London (Part 2)
Tony Keen – The Thames Barrier

23rd October
Barry Blackburn – Thames Haven part 1
Jill Napier – Vice and the Vote – Two campaigning East End women

30th October
Guest Speaker James Hulme: Charlton Riverside

6th November
Sarah Downs – Decoys
Sue Littledale – Navigating the Thames

13th November
Fran Bulwer- National Theatre and the Southbank
Peter Luck – Erith Riverside

20th November  
Guest speaker Roy Fenton – The Panama Canal

27th November
Ian McBrayne – Poplar High Street
Sue Flockton – Pymmes’ Brook

4th December
Sheila  Dobner –  Bata Shoes

11th December
Shorts ( Poems, paintings or literature)


Our Past Programmes

Two of our previous programmes are available as PDFs: