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Provisional dates for 2018/19

The Committee has agreed provisional dates for the three terms of the 2018/19 academic year, and the organisers for each. The details, together with those already fixed for next term, are:

  • Summer 2018: Monday 16th April to Monday 2nd July, excluding Bank Holiday Mondays 7th and 28th May (organiser: Fran)
  • Autumn 2018: Monday 8th October to Monday 10th December (organiser: Sheila)
  • Spring 2019: Monday 14th January to Monday 18th March (organiser: Ian)
  • Summer 2019: Monday 29th April to Monday 15th July, excluding Bank Holiday Mondays 6th and 27th May (organiser: Jill)

That should work out at ten sessions each term. These dates have been copied to the Programmes page and will be updated if required.


Term dates for 2017 confirmed

At the committee meeting today, we confirmed the dates for the next two terms as:

Spring Term: Monday 16th January to Monday 20th March (inclusive)
Summer Term: Monday 8th May to Monday 17th July (excluding Bank Holiday Monday 29th May)

The summer term dates reflect the fact that there is only one Monday between the Easter and May Day Bank Holidays next year.  If we started immediately after Easter, we would have two bank holiday breaks, one after only one session.  It seemed better to start later and only have one interruption.